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forged coupler prospect

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forged coupler prospect

To strengthen construction quality management the new understanding of construction is the national important industry department, national annual fixed asset investment is huge.One hundred plans, quality the first, this is the basic work principle of construction.Summing up the experience of the history, whenever a construction high tide,
The quality of the project is easy to appear problem.Especially the competition of the market economy is to promote quality management on a new level of favorable conditions, but the market and the negative side, when it is still in the developmental stage, leads to the blindness of commodity production, some enterprise for profit temptation,
Easy to ignore the quality.Now some construction enterprise quality management, organization, personnel quality is low, quality management a misnomer.Some construction companies deliberately cut corners, shoddy, falsification, shoddy.In recent years, the national engineering collapse accident, though
Individual phenomenon, but the serious nature, the consequence is unimaginable, which requires the enterprise to raise awareness, strengthen management.Request the competent department of the government to strengthen market management, the domestic currently use scaffolding fasteners casting, easy corrosion, strength is poor, short service life, believe it
At home in the near future will eliminate this kind of fasteners, forged coupler will have good prospects for development.
But there is also a series of problems, by the pressure from the market various if some products without the quality certificate shall not be exported, shall not enter so-and-so provinces and cities, has not obtained ISO9000 quality system certification of enterprises may not participate in the xx project bidding or not
Enter the xx market are companies face pressure.Enterprise on the construction of some provinces, cities in China are actively implementing ISO9000 series standards, strive for as soon as possible to obtain ISO9000 certification.Although not yet construction enterprises under the market pressure, but the pressure will be built
Build a motive force of the enterprise implement ISO9000 series standards, the real driving force will push to implement ISO9000 series standards.Construction of our country will be the implementation of the ISO9000 series standards, improve quality management to a new level.The implementation of ISO9000 series standards,
Quality system certification, is a process of updating ideas, we used a simple to comply with the design drawings as a measure of quality, namely only emphasize compliance.This kind of idea to update, to emphasize the applicability of the products, product quality to customer satisfaction as the standard, package
Construction products from the design, construction, to use the whole process of quality and service.The most fundamental is to obtain the user's satisfaction evaluation, such as Japan's some enterprises emphasize products should be attractive, called "attractive quality" or "zero defect products", we should adopt the countries around the world, for
I used to make our products and engineering quality, and quantity can famous quality products with the world and international engineering quality was comparable to that of which is involved in the construction market competition at home and abroad.

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