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Forged Coupler Leading Green Building

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Forged Coupler Leading Green Building
There are data show that China's current building industrialized only 3% - 5%, while 65% of European and American developed countries building industrial average, the best Sweden reached 80%.China is in building "a resource-conserving and environment-friendly" society's key period, construction already account for 47% of China's total energy consumption, energy consumption in other profession, can promote the green building and sustainable development, is directly related to the well-being of the people and the future of the nation.Fasteners casting due to the service life of the section, a waste of resources, forged coupler long service life, stable quality, in the near future will cover all the domestic construction market.
In recent years, in the country to promote the new urbanization, ecological civilization and beautiful under the strategic deployment of China construction, clearly put forward to develop the green building, green building materials and green assessment requirements.In August by the ministry, the ministry of construction jointly issued the action plan for promoting green building materials production and application of explicitly pointed out that, by 2018, the new building green building materials in the application of the proportion of 30%, 50% green building applications.
Chief experts, the Chinese academy of engineering, Chinese building XiaoXuWen thinks, on the discussion of green building construction industry is a national "five new" (new industrialization, urbanization, modernization, agricultural information) strategy needs, also is the need of the construction industry transformation and upgrading."Green building technology, industrialization and informationization" will become the inevitable trend of the industry.
"The construction industry is still the heat preservation, heat insulation, water and electricity warm line such as a large number of construction content is site construction, construction quality, safety and so on all is not easy to guarantee. In the future, all these to the factory production, build cars, houses like is green building."Chinese academy of engineering fu-lin zhou called for China's construction industry is the development direction of industrialization and green buildings in the future.
In Harbin industrial university institute of civil engineering professor honoraria, building in front of nature to show the compliance and recovery characteristics, it is the goal of green building.
The Chinese academy of engineering Ye Keming wants, "contemporary the most advanced technology, combined with the existing technology, fusion gradually realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, architecture and environment."
For green buildings and industrial industry is the development path of frontier, and master the green and the industrialized technologies of the enterprise will become the industry benchmark.Chinese architecture is committed to become the industry's leading technology, role-models and innovators,  Shandogn Shoude machinery technology co., LTD, with forged coupler as the main production,will abide by the "green construction" and "action blue sky" concept, efforts to develop China's first batch of green construction standard "pioneer" China construction investment and the pioneer of "green building" enterprise.

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