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Steel falling may cause forged coupler enterprises to develop into a new opportunity

Writer:RyneNumber of visits: Date:Dec 15,2015
Steel falling may cause forged coupler enterprises to develop into a new opportunity
Recently shagang ex-factory price fell on basis of the previous period, while the rest of the major steel mills cut is given priority to, to some extent, increase market 
outlook pessimistic expectations;For the late, as the years ago Available time is tight, the businessman fund withdrawal operation increased significantly, while most of the 
price is low, but resistance dark drop shipping market phenomenon, and later as more and more cold weather, clinch a deal without improvement, steel price support is still 
insufficient.Steel material today Beijing market river level 3 big screw price 1600 yuan/ton, flat on the previous day;Shanghai market shagang level 3 big screw 1670 yuan/ton, 
the previous fell 10 yuan/ton;Guangzhou market steel grade three big screw 2140 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton on the previous day.
Customs statistics show that China's imports of iron ore and concentrate in November 82.13 million tons, more than one month before the 6.61 million tons, up 21.9%;Port iron 
ore inventories continue to increase, as of December 11 has reached 92.09 million tons;The end of November, 22.82 million tons of iron ore inventories for 26 key enterprises, 
rose by 0.88%.The late iron ore market supply contradictions are still outstanding, prices will continue to be weak.Domestic mining due to the high cost, profit is difficult, 
starts falling, had fallen to 42.4% this week.But the four big mining companies rely on their own costs advantages, continue to increase, the purpose is to squeeze rival, take 
market share.Therefore, at present the pattern of the iron ore supply is difficult to change, iron ore prices will remain under pressure.Along with the economic slowdown and 
the iron and steel industry overcapacity long-term effects, steel market situation is extremely serious, iron and steel industry faces the difficulty, the current domestic 
steel industry most of the product price is lower than the cost of production, and keep low, mark will be the survival of many steel plants by the end of the test.
The other hand, falling to the downstream steel forged coupler enterprises brings new opportunities for development, mainly reflected in the export trade, convenient and 
abroad at present are mostly use forged coupler, domestic steel prices continued to fall making steel products prices down continuously, the export price advantage.Goes the 
crisis is the crisis and opportunities coexist, believe that the current crisis of construction steel forged coupler enterprises will become the new opportunity of 

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